Are you looking for sleeping remedies that are effective in letting your growing toddler get ample sleep and rest? I have compiled top three remedies here that you can put to action right away.


The Need For Sleeping Remedies

Once your toddler experiences difficulties in sleeping, expect that you will not have a good night’s sleep as well. It can be very frustrating to both of you. Most of the time, toddlers suffer from insomnia because they take late afternoon naps.  Some of them also suffer sleep problems because they have pent up energies from lack of exercise and activity recommended for their age.  They need activity during the day for them to use up all their energies so they can sleep better at night. Always remember that your toddler needs hours of sleep in order for them to become a happy and healthy child.


Sleeping Remedies: Establishing Bedtime Routine And Schedule

Does your child sleep on a specific time? If no, you better start sticking with a regular bedtime routine and schedule. Get your child to bed early. Let’s say, after eating dinner, give your toddler a sponge or warm bath in order to make him or her feel refreshed. When you bring your toddler to bed, read a story together. Once your toddler get into the habit of becoming tired and sleepy at a particular time, you will notice, he or she will automatically settle around that specific time to sleep.

Another excellent idea on establishing a routine is to have a checklist where your toddler can see and check for him or herself. Using a notepad or a whiteboard, make a list of things to be accomplished by your toddler leading to his bedtime. This could include having dinner, drinking a glass of milk, going to potty, lying down with favorite stuffed animal, reading a story, and giving you a goodnight hug and kiss. Let your toddler check each item he accomplishes. Following a checklist will prevent your toddler from asking for a quick drink or saying that he needs to go potty just to delay bedtime.


Creating The Ideal Environment

You have to make your toddler’s room comfortable for them to sleep. Do not install a television inside his or her room because it is a big temptation not to sleep on time. If your toddler is afraid of the dark, put a table lamp or a nightlight by his bedside. Make your toddler feel secure while sleeping on his own – you can give him a stuffed animal to hug while sleeping.  Do not leave your toddler while he is still awake.


Acknowledge And Give Rewards

Sleeping RemediesNow that you are successful in putting your toddler to sleep, I highly recommend that you acknowledge your toddler’s good behavior and give rewards.  Remember as well that that you should not make sleeping time a punishment. For instance, your toddler did not finish his or her dinner. Do not say, “Go to bed early because you did not finish your meal.” If you do this, you are going to make your toddler dislike the act of sleeping.

There are plenty of ways to help your toddler have a good night’s sleep and rest. Follow the above sleeping remedies and I am sure both of you will get quality sleep every night and wake up well-rested every morning.