We have all heard of and tried sleeping remedies passed on to us by our parents or grandparents. Some of them may have worked for us while others seem too unscientific to actually work. For people who have trouble sleeping, there is nothing that is not worth trying to get a good night’s sleep. Let’s look at some of the popular and unpopular remedies and see if they really are worth a shot.

Naps Are Sleeping Remedies

Naps help in giving you rest when you can’t afford to go to sleep. If you have a big test to study for or a deadline that you must meet, the best thing for you is to nap. Putting off sleep for later may cause more harm to your health than taking a quick nap while you work. Contrary to popular belief, a short nap is better than a longer one in terms of giving you the energy to work through the night. A twenty minute nap is has been scientifically proven to help clear the mind and result in better work.

Alcohol Will Not Help You Sleep

Drinking a glass of wine during or after dinner can help you unwind and relax. However, drinking too much before going to bed doesn’t mean you that you can get enough sleep. Granted that you fall asleep immediately or pass out after drinking, the chances of you waking up in the middle of the night are also high. This is because alcohol lowers the blood sugar levels of the body and that can result in discomfort during sleep causing you to wake up. Just as it is bad to drink caffeine before going to bed, alcohol should be avoided too.

Reading May Not Be One Of The Effective Sleeping Remedies

Don’t bring your lectures or work to bed to help you fall asleep. It may make you sleepy at work or in class but you shouldn’t bring it to bed. Stimulating reading material should not be your reading of choice when going to sleep. Going over notes from school or work can only keep your mind working even if you want it to relax. Read a few passages from a book of poetry or any other book that does not require you to think too much. It should not be interesting enough that you can’t close the book at any minute to go to sleep.

You Should Not Only Sleep When You Are Sleepy

Sleeping RemediesPeople should not rely on their bodies to tell them when to sleep.  Most people suffer from lack of sleep or fatigue during the day since they were not able to sleep at night because they did not feel sleepy. If you cannot go to sleep at night, you should not get up and do things that you should be doing during the day. Try to establish a routine for yourself and stick to it. Give your body the opportunity to rest even if you do not feel sleepy. Make sure that you get a good night’s sleep through the help of natural sleeping remedies.