Just as there are food that help to keep you stay awake, there are also food that double as sleeping remedies. Not having enough sleep brings out the worst in people. Whether it is in school or at work, having inadequate amount of sleep is highly reflected on the quality of work that we produce. Our relationship with our classmates, co-workers, and family are also greatly affected by mood swings brought about by the lack of sleep. If you are having a hard time falling asleep at night, you may be eating the wrong stuff during the day. Here is how you can eat your way towards a good night’s sleep.

Foods That Do Not Serve As Sleeping Remedies

One of the most obvious things that will not help you fall asleep faster is caffeine. Avoid food and beverages that are high in caffeine. Two cups of coffee a day is the maximum amount that you can consume. With the large sizes available in coffee shops, it is better to limit yourself to one drink a day. Keep yourself awake during the day by eating apples instead of consuming copious amounts of coffee that will keep you awake at night. You should also avoid too much sugar for dessert since this will give you energy that you don’t need at night.

Midnight Snacks

If you get a little hungry before going to bed, it is best to stay away from meats and sweets. Carbohydrates help in the production of insulin that clears the bloodstream of other amino acids so that tryptophan can be easily absorbed by the body. This amino acid produces a sedative effect for the brain. Dairy products like milk and cheese also help in the production of this amino acid alongside calcium which also has the same effect on the body. If you want something light, eating a banana before going to bed will do.

Beverages That Are Great Sleeping Remedies

If you are lactose intolerant or just avoiding dairy, you can drink warm herbal teas to help you calm down your nerves at night. Fragrant teas such as chamomile and citrus teas have a sedative effect that helps in getting you to sleep faster. The act of drinking tea itself is a calming activity that can help you wind down and clear your thoughts before going to bed. Herbal teas specifically made for people with sleeping problems are made with natural ingredients so they are safer for people who are wary of trying sleeping aids.

When To Eat

Sleeping RemediesDon’t eat a large meal directly before going to bed.  You are likely to have stomach problems and indigestion that could make it difficult for you to sleep.  The best way to avoid this is to eat a couple of hours before you sleep. This will keep you from being restless because of an upset stomach. One drink a night can help you get sleepy easier, but too much alcohol may disrupt your sleep because of low sugar levels. Keep this in mind when you are looking for sleeping remedies in the foods that you eat everyday.